Work closely with the director and executive team to set strategies that deliver on the vision whilst generating ROI.

Client: AvantiCare

Category: Brand growth & positioning

Period of Engagement: Ongoing

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Review all brand assets and identify gaps. Review and create new messaging to align with the current evolution of the brand and business. Create opportunities to become more visual with the brand. Enhance all digital platforms and create new ones. Find opportunities to network and expand outside of the immediate local sector.
Develop an online conference with leading experts who are on the cutting edge of new ways to deliver a more person centred healthcare. Execute and forge ongoing sustainable relationships that enhance the sector. Quite simply, create a movement.
Conduct a strategic planning session with executives to diversify offerings and implement.

RESULT: AvantiCare is now recognised nationally and is looked to as one of the leaders in the aged care and health sector. AvantiCare is always evolving and creating new ways to deliver allied health that empowers the individual.