Create a strategy that could be implemented inside of 12 months prior to Koorongee opening. Recruit and mentor a Marketing and Communications officer to execute the strategies and build greater brand awareness in the local community and sector.

Client: Glenview

Category: Marketing & Communication Strategy

Period of Engagement: 6 Months

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Deep dive into the business with the executive team to have a holistic understanding of the offering and current communications, position of the brand and the capabilities of human capital within the organisation.
Develop a strategic plan that addresses the pain points and clearly defines the actions and tactics that are needed to achieve the goals set by the CEO and board.
Assist in recruiting and mentoring a Marketing and Communications officer to implement the strategic marketing and communications plan.

RESULT: Strategy delivered on time and to a high standard. Brand awareness achieved along with business partnerships and healthy referral systems to ensure sustainability in the aged care & disability sector.