Previous Brand                                                                                                    New Brand

SASSVI is not only a school for students with a Vision Impairment but also a range of services to support other education bodies and schools with the knowledge and skillset to best support their students with low vision. Hence the significance of adding in the extra ‘S’ to their name in conjunction with the rebrand. The main objective for the rebrand was to create an image and feeling that represented SASSVI as it is today and for other schools within the government department to be more aware of the services.

Industry: Education

Service: Rebrand & Reposition

Period of Engagement: 3 months

We met with the governing council to understand their needs and the reasons behind undertaking a re-brand. We learnt about the role they play in the lives of those living or caring for someone with a vision impairment. It became apparent that there wasn’t a deep understanding of their offering within the department of education but also in the wider community and medical industry of which the diagnosis occurs. As the school and team had evolved it was decided that this was also a good opportunity to revisit their purpose & values and a brand strategy session was incorporated into the project. This then informed our design brief and next steps.
The values outlined in the proposal informed the design of the new SASSVI brand. Concepts were created and presented to the client with input from their school community the colour palette was agreed on and concepts were tweaked.
A final design was chosen. The eye which appears to be broken represents the visual impairment of students. The yellow circles represent teachers, staff and community, who fill the vision gap by applying their expertise and empathy. The pupil (student) is the central focus of SASSVI and the teachers, staff and community complete the vision, and embrace the child. The font is a bold strong sans serif, suggesting confidence and independence, with round edges that soften and enhance the idea of nurture and gentle support.

RESULT: The client and their wider community was extremely happy with the rebrand and reposition and felt it connected and was a true representation of their values and purpose.