Help create a brand and format to deliver solutions to parents who are struggling with fussy eaters that is timely, hassle free and convenient. The client was time poor as she was already running a busy clinic and wanted to be able to empower parents to start the journey at home with all the tips and hints they would receive in the clinic.

Client: Wholesome Mealtimes

Category: Start-up

Period of Engagement: 3-4 Months

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Create a brand name that encompasses the values of the client. Create visual brand assets to assist with that communication but still leaves room for evolution.
Create a format in which the course can be delivered in a user friendly, easily accessible and timely format. Engage web developers to start the e-commerce site. Direct and engage audio recordings and editing. Create worksheets for the purchases.
Direct brand asset photoshoot for website, social platforms and marketing collateral.

RESULT: Creation of a logo/tagline that reflects the offering, an e-commerce website for ease of purchasing for both the client and purchaser. Professional recording of 9 audio chapters, creation of worksheets/resources to support the audio. Social media channels were also set up to help spread awareness.