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Public Relations is the professional maintenance of a favourable public image or by mitigating bad press. Essentially this is done through unpaid sources.

PR is the act of storytelling and analysing the positive messages of your business and expressing them to your customers or the public. It enhances reputation, forges collaboration and informs of changes in activity. In essence, good PR is essential.

PR may also include focus groups, market research and analysis of data and gives organisations an opportunity to express the importance of their product or messaging to media channels.

“PR is the art of persuasion and acting with integrity, it’s a key component of business. It allows your clients to understand what you are doing, how you are doing it, and why they need to do it with you”

Product launches are also a major part of effective public relations. We often think of handing out freebies, but product launches are so much more than that and digital and physical platforms need to be considered.

Internal communications can also benefit from effective PR, keeping your employees involved and interactive in your approach.

At Blanche Box we consider it all, and while you’re telling us your story, we are taking notes on the ways in which we can help.

While we are drilling down on your individual needs, we’re also assessing if and which of our external consultants would suit you best. If we think someone is better suited than we are in any area, we’ll arrange, brief and outsource and manage the work to PR specialists or writers that we work closely with. This includes (but not limited to) business launches, new product launches, media release and crisis management.

We purposely work with specialist from these individual areas. We don’t deal with crisis management everyday so we collaborate with the experts that do.

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